The only forever free business card reader app that scans unlimited name cards 3 times faster

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Why Are We Doing This

We tried all existing name card scanner apps and none are accurate and yet they are not entirely free (free versions scan limited cards). So, we decided to build a better one. Features below are what we achieved

Fast & Furious Scanner

Scans name cards 3 times faster than other apps. Our app could even scan multiple cards at once

3 Times Better Text Detection

We hate wrong data, so we make the app to interact with your vision, to be an extension of your cognitive skills

One-Touch Instant Search

No one loves going through a stack of name cards just to look for that sales prospect you met at the conference last week

Best Things In Life Are Forever Free

We aim to make this app completely free without any limitations

Other Perks

Card backup, card sharing and supports 20 languages from Chinese to Turkish.

About Us

11 Years Of Mobile Tech Experience
Business card isn't dead, really

We are a team of 3 people, a project/product manager with one iOS and an Android coder. We exited from our first venture and now eager to start a new one to change the business world.

  • Number of mobile apps and contents we ever developed

    SMS, WAP, J2ME, Widget, iOS, Android, Blackberry

  • App platforms we support

    Android (82.8{8d838e9d36dfa7efbaeb038c1d8ef603e1cf87b991f831588efbb7a8ecf8124d} share) & iOS (13.9{8d838e9d36dfa7efbaeb038c1d8ef603e1cf87b991f831588efbb7a8ecf8124d}) as of Q2, 2015 by IDC

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  • Number of positive feedbacks we got

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