A Mind Blowing Business Card that Reads Your Heart Rate

A cool business card gizmo from a Hungarian tech startup

We’ve seen the infamous metal card of Steve Wozniak and who could ignore Mark Zuckerberg’s “I’m CEO, Bitch” name card and now here’s something that could topple the rest of these cards from the top 10 coolest business cards list, at least in a tech perspective.

A Hungarian tech startup called mobilECG Laboratories recently invented a name card that doubles as a heart rate monitor, a ECG (electrocardiogram) device to be precise. It could literally detect your heart rate, no kidding!

They called it “electroCARDiograph”, emphasizing the word “card” in the text. The entire name card looks and feels like a typical business card, but if you flip it over to the back, you could place your two thumbs on two metallic pads and wait for 3 seconds and voila, you get a graph on the middle tiny LCD showing your heart beat. How cool is that?!

These guys at Central Europe are so nice that they even offer the entire electronic schematics on how you could DIY one yourself. Heck, the entire project is on GitHub, for your downloading pleasure. The company positioned itself as an open source engineering company where they give out all their product designs and engineering “codes” to everyone. Double cool!

If you ever wonder how on earth could a tiny name card sized electronic device like this measures your heart rate, well, it actually utilizes the Einthoven’s Triangle principle.

Einthoven’s triangle is an imaginary formation of three limb leads in a triangle used in electrocardiography, formed by the two shoulders and the pubis. The shape forms an inverted equilateral triangle with the heart at the center that produces zero potential when the voltages are summed. It is named after Willem Einthoven, who theorized its existence.

Einthoven used these measuring points, by immersing the hands and foot in pails of salt water, as the contacts for his string galvanometer, the first practical ECG machine. — From Wikipedia

Below is a pictorial illustration on what the above means. In 1924, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this discovery. This revolutionary idea is still used worldwide today, in your gym’s threadmill to the latest IoT gadget like SmartHeart.

Business card design with heart rate monitor

Ok, probably you can’t actually read your beats per minute with this card as there’s a disclaimer that reads it is not meant to be a diagnostic device, but you have to give them credit for the novelty value it has. If some doctor would hand out this kinda card to me, you bet I’m gonna show-off to my friends. I might even keep it in my wallet where ever I go (talking about a cool icebreaker gadget). If you’re interested to order this cool invention, please let the inventor know. So far, they received over 20k upvotes in a day on 9gag. I can’t wait to get our very own soon!