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Comparison of Top 10 Free Business Card Reader Apps

Here we compare the most popular name card scanning apps to help you decide which to download.

  If you’re on hunt to find the best business card scanner app that suits your needs, you’d absolutely be spoiled for choices. There are over a dozen name card reader apps on each app store and having to download each and every one and testing them all is a painstaking task no professionals deserve to undertake.[…]

Fastest name card reader app

Urshering in a New Concept in Business Card Reader – The Need For Speed & Precision

CardHQ is live and aims to be the fastest name card scanner app on the planet

  To be or not to be, that is NOT the question. Because it’s a given that when this CardHQ app was envisioned, the aim was to make an app that reads business cards as fast as possible, at least faster than anyone else. Hence, our team put their hearts and minds into this project[…]

5 Startups That Failed To Kill The Business Car

5 Startups That Failed To Kill The Business Card

Case studies of tech startups that tried to change a 300 year old business culture

  Ok, let’s face it. The world is trying to digitized everything! First, we saw how MP3 killed CD (Compact Disc). Then, email outran snail mail and fax. Later, came along PDF that shredded paper document’s future to pieces. Now, smartphone is in the verge of exterminating desktop, but what about something as humble as a[…]

A Mind Blowing Business Card that Reads Your Heart Rate

A cool business card gizmo from a Hungarian tech startup

We’ve seen the infamous metal card of Steve Wozniak and who could ignore Mark Zuckerberg’s “I’m CEO, Bitch” name card and now here’s something that could topple the rest of these cards from the top 10 coolest business cards list, at least in a tech perspective. A Hungarian tech startup called mobilECG Laboratories recently invented[…]

650 Free Business Card Templates from 7 Hand-picked Sites

Specially curated sites that offer the best looking free PSD/PDF business card templates

I took the effort to filter out all the existing free business card templates on the Internet and here I present to you the seven hand-picked sites that I think you should only consider. These sites alone contain almost 650 free designs. If you want any better designs, you just have to pay for it. I only shortlisted those[…]


3 Tips To Run Great (Sales) Meetings From Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Based on his interview with Wall Street Journal, he offers some useful wisdom regarding running meetings

  Meeting, a seemingly every work day event that sometimes takes place more often than usual. That includes sales meetings with prospect customers. The typical scenario would be, you get a high-potential sales lead and you get your hopes up and try to close that deal ASAP, so immediately you call them to meet. But[…]

The Man Behind LinkedIn Acquisition – Satya Nadella

A short story about a $84 million dollar man that decided to buy a $26.2 billion dollar tech asset on behalf of a $407 billion market cap company

  While the news of Microsoft buying LinkedIn for a mind-boggling $26.2 billion is still fresh from the oven, it’s fitting for us to learn about the person that was instrumental behind this largest Microsoft acquisition deal – their very own CEO, Mr. Satya Narayana Nadella. Let’s start with a little bit of background check[…]