A Mind Blowing Business Card that Reads Your Heart Rate

A cool business card gizmo from a Hungarian tech startup

We’ve seen the infamous metal card of Steve Wozniak and who could ignore Mark Zuckerberg’s “I’m CEO, Bitch” name card and now here’s something that could topple the rest of these cards from the top 10 coolest business cards list, at least in a tech perspective. A Hungarian tech startup called mobilECG Laboratories recently invented[…]

650 Free Business Card Templates from 7 Hand-picked Sites

Specially curated sites that offer the best looking free PSD/PDF business card templates

I took the effort to filter out all the existing free business card templates on the Internet and here I present to you the seven hand-picked sites that I think you should only consider. These sites alone contain almost 650 free designs. If you want any better designs, you just have to pay for it. I only shortlisted those[…]

The Man Behind LinkedIn Acquisition – Satya Nadella

A short story about a $84 million dollar man that decided to buy a $26.2 billion dollar tech asset on behalf of a $407 billion market cap company

  While the news of Microsoft buying LinkedIn for a mind-boggling $26.2 billion is still fresh from the oven, it’s fitting for us to learn about the person that was instrumental behind this largest Microsoft acquisition deal – their very own CEO, Mr. Satya Narayana Nadella. Let’s start with a little bit of background check[…]