Urshering in a New Concept in Business Card Reader – The Need For Speed & Precision

CardHQ is live and aims to be the fastest name card scanner app on the planet

Fastest name card reader app


To be or not to be, that is NOT the question. Because it’s a given that when this CardHQ app was envisioned, the aim was to make an app that reads business cards as fast as possible, at least faster than anyone else. Hence, our team put their hearts and minds into this project to build the world’s fastest name card scanner app and there were no questions on their drive and grits to make that happen. Indeed they’ve done it!

The Need For Speed

From our preliminary tests, we were able to scan and save a name card as fast as 4 seconds. That number easily beat other card readers we compared that hit a range from 7 seconds to as slow as 3 minutes. In average, we achieved 6 seconds across different sorts of cards. But is it all about speed? Users also often complained about the accuracy of detecting the text on business cards. Which brings us to the next feature we built.


The Need For Precision of Text Detection

While we can assure you our app serves your need for speed, text accuracy is a more daunting task to overcome. In a controlled environment, our lab tests indicated our app detects text up to 100{8d838e9d36dfa7efbaeb038c1d8ef603e1cf87b991f831588efbb7a8ecf8124d} accuracy. This is true given that the tests were performed in a properly illuminated environment. But we do recognize the fact that other factors will also influence the precision of detection such as smartphones camera quality, design of the name card and quality of the photo taken. Blurry photos with minute text taken in a dark room obviously degrades the accuracy. However, having compared our app to those existing apps on the app stores, we can deduce that our precision level is substantially more superior than others, in fact, as high as 3 times more accurate.

Ease to Search

Having received piles of name cards, I do understand that it’s almost an impossibility for us to take the time and effort to seek back the business cards that we received especially those we exchanged some time ago. The era of having name card boxes and folders are numbered, and some even don’t bother exchanging cards anymore and a simple request for an email to be jotted down on the phone, seems to be the most efficient way to handle this. What we truly need is an efficient app that lets you search for cards like as simple as searching on Google or Yahoo! And we absolutely did just that. CardHQ finds cards for you before you even completed your search keyword. It detects the phrase that you enter and immediately displays the list of cards that you scanned containing that phrase. Again, another quick feature that we wanted to build since the beginning to make this app the fastest and most convenient ever.

Best Thing in Life is Forever Free

This is a tough one. We know that most similar apps on Google Play and App Store limit the number of cards you could store for their free versions, some as little as only 10 cards. We find that very disturbing when I could easily get at least 20 name cards from a conference alone! So, we decided that letting you scan as many cards as possible is the most logical thing to do while making it free. I can already hear our future investors screaming “What?! Are you out of your mind? How are you going to make money? Who’s gonna pay for the operating costs when you hit 1 million users?”. Wow, the team never really thought about making a six digit userbase, either did me, but we figured that we’ll figure it out along the way.

Until then, I hope you will enjoy the usefulness of CardHQ and please express us your feedback as much as you can – good or bad. We prefer the bad ones because if they don’t kill us, your feedback will make us stronger.

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